Designing tomorrow’s financial market through blockchain

latœx is an end-to-end blockchain platform that allows companies to easily run ICOs, create digital assets and trade them in a world class exchange.



latœx offers benefits for both issuers, as financial institutions digitalizing an asset or companies launching an ICO, and investors.

For issuers

Improve your margins

Blockchain smart contracts allow companies to automatize liquidation, simplify reconciliation and backoffice processes when compared to securitization, reducing costs and increasing margins.

Trust and security

latœx run high-level multi-layer security protocols that prevent hacking attempts and increase the protection of your funds.

ICO toolkit

latœx offers solutions that add significant value for Companies launching their ICOs, such as token structuring, legal advising, token creation, distribution to both first/secondary markets and investor's KYC/AML.

Your assets in our world-class exchange

After primary sale your tokens will be available for secondary trade at ANDES Trading System, increasing their liquidity.

24x7 market

latœx is neither limited to any time zones nor closing times. Investors have access to their assets 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year. ANDES Trading System ensures 99.9% uptime.

For Investors

Trade any kind of digital asset

From fixed-income and equity futures to art works. From commodities to ICOs. From securities and utilities tokens to cryptocurrencies, you can trade any of them using ANDES Trading System.

Zero-trading fee

Investors are exempted of trading fees using ANDES Trading System.


latœx systems were built and updated with the client in mind. Starting from our account opening procedure, to managing your account, depositing or withdrawing funds and finally trading, it’s all straightforward simple and easy to use.

Trust and Security

latœx run high-level multi-layer security protocols that prevent hacking attempts and increase the protection of your funds.

Trending Digital Assets

Bossa Nova Brazil 50

Bossa Nova Investiments (BNI) is the micro Venture Capital firm in Latin America, with a portfolio of 200+ startups. Bossa Nova Brazil 50 (BNB50) is the first token backed by 50 real high growth startups in the world, issued by BNI.

Blockchain distributed media

PUBLIQ rebuild trust in media by empowering authors and readers to be part of a safe and impartial ecosystem.

Our services

latœx offers solutions for large financial corporations and other companies to access blockchain and transform their business.

Digital Assets

latœx assists financial institutions, asset holders and entrepreneurs by transforming their regular assets into digital assets with a simple, straightforward process.


Whether your company needs to develop a new strategy or enter a new market, latœx helps you structuring and launching your ICO.

latœx ANDES Trading System

ANDES (Autonomous and Descentralized System) is the safest and most user-centric exchange platform in the world, allowing investors to trade digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

Latest News

This is a latœx curated digital asset database. It includes tokens, app coins, cryptocurrencies and crowdfunded blockchain assets.

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Want to ask something?

latœx is a private limited partnership incorporated under the laws of Estonia and also following the best practices indicated by the European Union regulations regarding the public issuance of tokens while a coin, a utility or a security, also falling under the provisions and obligations related to AML-CFT and KYC procedures from that region. The offers of tokens within the latœx platform is intended to be available to international investors based worldwide, excluding those investors with residence or nationality from Brazil, Canada, China, Estonia and United States of America (Investors from those regions may access some basic features of the platform but they are not allowed in any reason whatsoever to perform any acquisition of tokens nor negotiation of tokens that may have at your possession using the latœx platform).

latœx does not verify information provided by token developers and other users on this platform and makes no assurance as to the completeness or accuracy of any such information. All users, buyers and participants must conduct their own due diligence of each network or proposed network, as well as the risk associated with distributed network tokens as a new asset class. Token developers may possess material information not known to investors or the public about the network, its implementation and its tokens. All activities on this site are governed by our terms of service.

The purchase of network tokens and cryptocurrency are particularly risky and may result in total loss of capital. Roadmap proposed for a network (i.e., "white paper") is subject to change or implementation failure. An implemented network may not be adopted, resulting in its tokens having low or no value. Past performance of a network or a cryptocurrency is not indicative of similar future patterns. Only sophisticated users who understand the risks of speculative investing in new asset classes may participate on this platform. No investment advisory activities, in no reason may be conducted and supervised by latœx.