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Who Can Buy Brazilian National Treasury Bonds

  • Any investor residing in countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, India, China, Chile, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Poland, South Korea, Australia, Great Britain, Israel, Denmark, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland.

How Does The Brazilian National Treasury Bonds Work?

They are treasury Securities with the safety of the National Treasury of Brazil, which are titles that pay, in defined periods, a certain remuneration that can be determined at the time of application or redemption. It can be divided into two types of trading:

  • Pre-Fixed: the money yield in the future is defined at the time of application.

  • Pre-Fixed: the money yield is known at the end of the application. Yield is determined by the variation of a certain index plus a certain interest rate determined at the beginning of the application.

Information Required For Purchase

  • By completing a registration and an e-mail confirmation the financial investment will be active. An efficiency never achieved in the financial industry before.

What Is The Minimum Value And Period Of Investment?

  • The minimum investment amount is R$ 30.00. Investors can buy fractions of the securities, according to the chosen mode - traditional or programmed.

  • Traditional Mode: You can buy minimum fractions of at least 10%. Therefore, in a bond that costs R$1,000 the investor can buy a fraction for R$100.00.

  • Scheduled Mode: Fractions up to 1% of the title can be purchased. Using the same example above, a R$ 1,000 bond can be purchased for R$ 10. However, you must respect the minimum of R$ 30.00. The maximum financial limit to buy per investor is R$ 1 million per month.

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